Asthmapolis – Better Manage Your Asthma

Every day, millions of people with asthma use rescue inhalers, inadvertently indicating how well their disease is managed. Knowing when and where these symptoms occur can reveal valuable clues about environmental exposures that trigger asthma. But until now, there has been no way to accurately collect this information.

We created a sensor that tracks the use of inhalers, automatically capturing the time and geographic location of symptoms. We’ve also developed web and mobile phone applications so that patients and physicians can monitor asthma in daily life, take steps to control the disease, and prevent costly exacerbations.

By aggregating this anonymous, voluntarily-shared data about asthma, we can improve management and understanding of the disease. Asthmapolis provides people with the latest information about asthma in their communities, and helps scientists and public health agencies target interventions designed to reduce the burden of asthma.