Sleevely – Tracks babies feeding habits

Sleevely monitors and records your baby’s feeding times and intakes, while providing recommendations as well as benchmark comparisons for your baby. Sleevely lets you track how much your baby eats no matter where you are. Sleevely will also send push notifications to your mobile device in real time.

The 2 key components for a baby’s growth and development are sleep and nutrition, which during infancy create the foundation for a healthy life. One of every four babies suffer from eating difficulties that require mandatory nutrition monitoring. Unlike the thousands of manual food journal apps, Sleevely is the first ever automatic solution for tracking feeding habits of your baby anytime, anywhere. Sleevely reduces parents anxiety and offer them a peace of mind: now you can easily, accurately and remotely monitor your baby’s feedings. Sleevely also alerts you when the prepared formula reaches its expiration time, allowing you to reduce waste and save money.