Luna – Turn Your Bed into a Smartbed

The Luna Cover is a long overdue improvement for how well we sleep. The first mattress cover that can warm your bed, automatically track sleep and intelligently wake you up. An indiegogo crowd funding product of success. Surpassing the goal of $100,000 funds needed to see the project made at almost $1 million, Luna does everything imagined and more.

Before Bedtime Features
Luna has the capability of connecting with smart homes: integrating with smart thermostats, door locks, and light bulbs. All of these can be done by remote control: smartphone or tablet, at anytime of day—which is perfect for preparing your bed’s temperature on a short-drive home. Furthermore, the temperature settings allow you to set different temperatures for either side of the bed.

Deep Slumber Features
The Luna has a built-in smart alarm that uses sensor technology to connect with and identify your sleep cycle in order to wake you up on schedule. Mid-sleep the Luna still works tracking sleep quality, heart rate, breathing rate and more. It effortlessly will collect information and generate recommendations on what will work best for better rest.