SPIN – The smart remote control

We asked ourselves: Do we really need yet another remote for every device we buy? Should we really have to point our remote at the device we want to control? Does a remote control really need that many buttons while we only use a handful? And does it even need buttons at all?

Over time more and more technology has found its way into the living room. The once simple task of watching TV has become a joint effort of our HD television, our interactive set-top box and our AV receiver. While those devices kept getting smarter, the remote control has stayed the same for over 34 years. It never evolved into something more than a plastic box with buttons, we just ended up with more buttons.

The average household has at least 3 remote controls laying around in the living room, with about 40 buttons each. Do we really need 120 buttons to choose from when all we want to do is watch TV, play a movie or listen to the radio? The remote control has become too complex, we want to change this.

We strongly believe that technology should make our lives easier, not over-complicate it. With SPIN remote we want to bring back simplicity. We do this by bringing together what you really use and stripping away all that you don’t really need. A simple solution for a complex problem.