Lapa 2: The evolution of object finders

Lapa 2 not only helps you find misplaced things, it will alert you if you leave them behind. And if you lose something, Lapa 2 has a lot of social features to help you get in back. For instance, if another user passes by a lost object, they can contact its owner through the app to return it.

Lapa 2 is the Bluetooth tracker that’s fit for any object, any style and anybody. It was designed to protect your things – everywhere you go. That’s why it’s waterproof, shock resistant and has a replaceable battery. And yes, it even finds you phone!

Why does this matter today? With the emerging Internet of Things, a future where all the items in our everyday lives will be wirelessly linked and traceable doesn’t seem so far away. Lapa does just that – by turning ‘dumb’ objects into ‘smart’ ones, Lapa makes sure you never lose anything.