Moodmetric – The Mood Tracking Ring

Moodmetric ring is the smallest wearable for emotional intelligence development and well-being. It supports in the wearer´s understanding of emotions and causes for them. This results in increased productivity, reduced stress levels, improved flexibility to deal with life’s challenges, and better social relationships.


Moodmetric ring records automatically the user’s emotional levels during the day. The mood levels and history are stored for reflection and they are easy to review later.

The smart jewel is also ready to give you instant feedback on your current emotional state throughout the day. The Moodmetric smartphone app provides visual representation of your latest emotional levels together with the live Moodmetric number that summarises your current emotional intensity.

Moodmetric ring supports mindfulness and meditation exercises with its Calm app that analyses the wearer’s meditative state of mind. It can also help to wind down during a busy day even in a few minutes.