Moto 360: A Rounded Android Smartwatch That Connects To Your Smartphone

In a live Hangouts session on March 19, Motorola’s social media team unveiled its first ever device to enter into the world of smartwatches – the Moto 360. As compared to the existing breed of digital wristwatches from manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Pebble; this one arrives in a familiar circular design, with a full-fledge Android operating system for wearable gizmos designed by Google. Designer Jim Wicks said that the wearable gadget is a truly modern timepiece and a functional premium fashion accessory. It will also wow the users with its easy-to-navigate user interface and superb battery life. Expected to hit the stores during the summer season, let’s take a close look at the innovative features of the Moto 360.

The Design 
The inspiration of the smartwatch originated from the familiar circular screen of our wristwatches. Wicks said in their video presentation that time has always been represented by a circular shape – whether it is the time dial or the pocket clocks our ancestors used 500 years ago. The wrist gadget from Motorola and Google offers a comfortable user experience as opposed to the gigantic square or rectangular designs seen on today’s smartwatches. Since the human’s sight is naturally drawn towards the center of the screen, this design choice also makes the wearable device ideal for reading notifications.

As for its display, the gizmo will feature a low-powered OLED screen which is protected by a Sapphire glass for maximum protection.

Interchangeable Bands 
In a BGR article published on the entertainment page of Verizon, journalist Chris Smith shared an insider tip saying that the Moto 360 will debut with replaceable watchbands. As a unisex gizmo, users can change its appearance with a metal, leather, and rubber bands in their choice of color. Though the complete list of hues was not yet disclosed, it could launch in a variety of colors that we’ve seen in the customizable 16 Motorola X smartphone colors. Early press releases said that a black leather strap and a black body with a purple undercarriage are likely to be the best combination.

Familiar Way Of Setting The Hour 
What’s interesting about the device is the inclusion of a familiar crown, which is present in the traditional line of wristwatches. The crown serves as a power button that can be physically turned to set the time manually. In case you find it odd to manually manipulate the dials, you can still adjust the hour using its touch screen interface.

Android Wear OS 

Powering the 360 is Google’s official Android-modified operating system for wearables called the Android Wear OS. The smartwatch will be the pioneer of this mobile system along with the LG G Watch, which was also unveiled earlier this March. The system is heavily based on the Google Now’s voice-recognition technology. It only makes sense because the Moto 360, despite being touch-enabled, it did not include a virtual keyboard on its tiny screen.

The software will recognize your voice as soon as you whisper “Ok Google” on the digital timepiece, followed by command in order to:

  • Set a reminder on Google Calendar
  • Perform a quick web search
  • Look for nearby places of interests like restaurants and theatres
  • Engage in a hangout conversation
  • Stream a music on Youtube
  • Reserve tickets on public transits (location-dependent)

The idle mode of the OS gives you a virtual Google search button, an animated view of your local weather data along with the current time.

Moto 360 Features 

Compatible Devices
Google and Motorola are extending its support to multiple Android smartphones, apart from Moto X and G. However, it will only work with devices that are running on Android Jelly Bean version 4.3 and above and with low-power Bluetooth LE chip on the connecting hardware. This is also the only way on how you can connect the smartwatch to the internet. Traditionally, it will access your smartphone’s SMS, Calendar, Reminders, and Email applications. The company is yet to reveal if it will allow you to remotely answer phone calls or it will act as a health monitoring device like the Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, or Sony Smartwatch.

Revolutionary Way Of Charging 
Its battery life is still a mystery as of the moment, since the manufacturer did not fully reveal all of its hardware specifications (including the processor). But, its designer said that it won’t have a USB 2.0 charging port or any open and visible external conductors. A report from Mashable suggests that it might use Qi inductive technology, commonly found in wireless charging capable handsets. The company also mentioned that it will pack a superb power that can last longer than the existing line of smartwatches on the market.

Notifications Scroll Vertically 
Press images of the timepiece reveal a realistic-looking traditional clock interface with a rotating time-dial. To reveal the Google interface, you need to scroll the screen vertically (and not side-by-side).

No Camera 
To those who are expecting a snapper similar to the Galaxy Gear series, you will be disappointed that the gizmo doesn’t have one. Motorola believes that it will just consume more power and will make the device bulkier. Thus, all Hangouts conversations will only be available through text-only-messaging and voice (since it is equipped with a microphone).

These are the features we’ve gathered so far regarding this revolutionary smartwatch. To read more feature stories on wearables like the Dash Wireless Smart Earphone, don’t forget to bookmark iOT News Network.