Voyce – Establish a Deeper Connection with your Dog

Introducing breakthrough wearable technology that bridges the communication gap between dogs, their owners, and the people who love them. Our three-part approach of Discover, Learn, and Share gives unprecedented insight into your dog’s health and wellbeing, information and tools for you and your dog to grow together, and ways to share with your veterinarian and social networks.

Voyce measures key vital signs and other wellness indicators through wearable technology and proprietary algorithms. Using that information, Voyce provides you with trends and valuable insights, helping you stay proactive about your dog’s overall health, behavior, and wellbeing.

More than just a snapshot of activity, Voyce monitors key vital signs including heart rate and respiratory rate, along with other wellness indicators such as activity, rest, calories burned, and more. All of these data points come together to paint a more complete picture of your dog’s wellbeing.