ZEIº -  Time tracking device

Time tracking at work is an annoying duty. It’s bothersome and time consuming but many companies and freelancers still have to do it. So did we before starting our startup Timeular. As engineers and designers, we were tracking our time at work but, found that it is not easy to do, even if there are many good solutions out there. We believed there had to be a better solution than just some software with a lot of interactions. That’s why we put our heads together, pooled our experience and knowledge and came up with ZEIº — and the best thing is, we are not trying to create a completely new time tracking solution, we make existing ones more user friendly with simple and intuitive hardware.

ZEIº is a polygon with a wireless connection to the computer. Through our software, users can assign a project to each face of the polygon and immediately start tracking time on a project just by placing the polygon so the corresponding project is face up and stop by changing to another face or turning the polygon off.